SAP Cloud ALM: Cloud Transport Management

SAP Cloud Transport Management service lets you manage software deliverables between accounts of different environments (such as Neo and Cloud Foundry), by transporting them across various runtimes. This includes application artifacts as well as their respective application-specific content.

SAP Cloud Transport Management service adds transparency to the audit trail of changes so that you get information about who performed which changes in your production environment, and when they did it. At the same time, the service enables a separation of concerns: For example, a developer of an application or of SAP Cloud content artifacts can trigger the transport of changes in a development subaccount, while the resulting import into the test, and production subaccount is handled by a central operations team.



Better control of changes

By enabling transport management, you add better control for the propagation of changes towards your production cloud environments

Fully cloud-based

Handle transports without the need for an on-premise system, other additional infrastructure, or any third-party services

Integrated experience

Trigger transports directly from enabled app-specific content creation tools (such as SAP Cloud Integration Web UI)

Transport various types of content

Handle the transport of development content (in form of Multitarget Application archives) and application-specific content (such as SAP Cloud Integration iFlows)

Transport to different environments

Source and target subaccounts of transports can reside in different global accounts. SAP Cloud Transport Management can handle transports in Neo and in Cloud Foundry environments.

Model also complex transport landscapes

Model logical representations of your source and target subaccounts and connecting routes between them – allows also modelling of complex landscapes, such as of star topologies

Complement CI/CD approaches

Increase control concerning the propagation of changes towards your production environment by integrating Cloud Transport Management with your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution

Flexibly handle imports

Import all transport requests of an import queue in one go or import only selected requests. Full imports can also be scheduled to run automatically.



This service runs in the Cloud Foundry environment.

SAP Cloud Transport Management is a multi-tenant aware application and provides a tenant separation.

Graphical Overview



SAP Cloud Transport Management service can be accessed using a graphical user interface or using programmatic access. Before you can use the service, the following prerequisites need to be fulfilled:

  • Using a graphical user interface

    To use this, you need a subscription to SAP Cloud Transport Management in your subaccount.

  • Using programmatic access (API remote call)

    To use this, you need a service instance that is used to call the export functionality of SAP Cloud Transport Management. You must create this service instance in a space of the subaccount from which you have subscribed to the service.

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