Approval Roles in SAP ARIBA

In SAP Ariba, there are several approval roles that can be assigned to users to define their authorization and responsibilities in the approval process. These roles determine who has the authority to approve or reject different types of documents within the SAP Ariba system. The following are some of the commonly used approval roles in SAP Ariba:

Requester: The requester initiates the procurement process by creating a purchase requisition or purchase order.

Approver: Approvers are responsible for reviewing and approving or rejecting purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and other relevant documents. Approvers can be assigned at different levels, such as departmental, project-based, or based on specific spending limits.

Buyer: Buyers have the authority to perform purchasing activities, such as creating and approving purchase orders, managing contracts, and supplier selection.

Supplier Administrator: This role is assigned to individuals who are responsible for managing supplier-related activities, such as approving supplier registration requests, maintaining supplier information, and managing contracts and catalogs.

Catalog Administrator: Catalog administrators are responsible for managing the catalogs within the SAP Ariba system. They maintain and update catalog content, including product descriptions, pricing, and availability.

Invoice Approver: Invoice approvers review and approve or reject invoices submitted by suppliers. They ensure the accuracy and compliance of invoices before they are processed for payment.

Contract Approver: Contract approvers review and approve or reject contracts created within SAP Ariba. They verify the terms and conditions, pricing, and other contract details to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Sourcing Manager: Sourcing managers are responsible for managing the sourcing process, including creating and approving sourcing projects, evaluating supplier bids, and selecting the winning bid.

Category Manager: Category managers have expertise in specific procurement categories and are responsible for managing and optimizing the procurement activities within those categories. They may have approval authority for specific category-related documents.

Contract Manager: Contract managers oversee the lifecycle of contracts within SAP Ariba. They are responsible for creating, reviewing, and approving contracts, as well as ensuring contract compliance and managing contract renewals and amendments.

Compliance Officer: Compliance officers play a critical role in ensuring that procurement activities adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. They review and approve or reject documents to ensure compliance with policies, regulations, and ethical standards.

Financial Approver: Financial approvers are responsible for reviewing and approving or rejecting financial-related documents, such as purchase orders or invoices, from a financial perspective. They ensure that transactions are within budget and align with financial guidelines.

Legal Approver: Legal approvers review and approve or reject legal documents, such as contracts or terms and conditions, to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks associated with procurement activities.

Quality Assurance Approver: Quality assurance approvers review and approve or reject documents related to quality assurance, such as inspection reports or quality control processes. They ensure that products or services meet the required quality standards.

It’s important to note that the availability and naming of approval roles can vary depending on the specific configuration and setup of the SAP Ariba system in each organization. Organizations can customize and define approval roles based on their specific business needs and requirements.

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