Usage Decision without result recording

In SAP QM, the Usage Decision is a crucial step that determines the fate of inspected materials or products. It involves evaluating the inspection results against predefined acceptance criteria and deciding whether the material meets the required quality standards. Result Recording, on the other hand, involves capturing and documenting individual inspection results for various characteristics or parameters.

UD without Result Recording enables real-time decision-making, allowing organizations to respond promptly to quality issues. Instead of waiting for the completion of result recording, materials can be immediately released for further processing or flagged for corrective actions, reducing delays in production or delivery timelines. This agile decision-making process enhances overall operations.

Follow the below steps:

  1. First, we need to remove the QM control key from the material master QM view.
  2. Add inspection type 01 in the inspection setup with “Post to insp stock” check.
  3. Uncheck “Automatic assignment” and “Inspect charcs“.
  4. Create PO with this material with stock type Quality inspection.
  5. Stock type is also Quality Inspection while doing GR of PO.
  6. Check MMBE for verification of stock you will found stock in QI (Quality inspection).
  7. Run TCODE QA32 find inspection lot with status of REL.
  8. Stock post and take UD without result recording when needed.



Stock holding or quarantine stock are integral components of quality inspections, playing a vital role in effective quality management. By embracing stock holding and quarantine stock as valuable tools. To save time you can by pass only result recording by above setting in QM

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