Hana Cloud Modeling Series: Preparing the modeling environment

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This series will focus on enabling you to utilize the features of SAP HANA Cloud and developing data models using it.

Prerequisites : To begin on this learning journey, the first few steps would focus on preparing your modeling environment.

Below mentioned tutorials will help you to setup your BTP account and enabling your Business Application Studio to proceed with the developments.

  1. Get a Free Account on SAP BTP Trial

    (SAP BTP provides different types of global accounts: enterprise and trial accounts.

    A trial account lets you try out the platform for free. Access is open to everyone. Trial accounts are intended for personal exploration, and not for production use or team application development. They allow restricted use of the platform resources and services. The trial period varies depending on the environment.

    An enterprise account is usually associated with one SAP customer or partner. The global account is the level at which you purchase platform resources and services.)

  2. Set Up SAP Business Application Studio for Development

    (SAP Business Application Studio is a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting a wide variety of development scenarios. One of those scenarios is data modeling in SAP HANA Cloud)

    Please Note: Web IDE for SAP HANA can also be used for modeling in SAP HANA
    Cloud but is not recommended as it misses many additional productivity aids
    and features that supports the modeler. Web IDE will not be developed further 
    and Business Application Studio will be the tool that receives all new features. 
    Business Application Studio is the recommended tool for data modeling in SAP
    HANA Cloud.
  3. Add SAP HANA Cloud entitlement

    (BTP provides many services, SAP HANA Cloud Database is one of them. As each service provides one or more service plans, which could be thought of as a variant, similarly SAP HANA Cloud is offered in different configurations and sizes. The plan one chooses is known as entitlement and quotas represent how much of a service plan one is entitled to use. Entitlements and Quotas are purchased at the global account level and distribute to the subaccounts.)

  4. Provisioning an SAP HANA Database Cloud Instance

    (Using the SAP HANA Cloud Central Wizard, the SAP HANA Cloud Instance can be created. Start with assigning the instance to a Cloud Foundry Organization and Space, Choose the name and description for the instance. Choose a user and password to log on to the instance. Then, choose the DB size, CPU and disk Storage required. Select a cloud provider and geographic region where the instance will be hosted. Next, Select the type of connectivity permitted (i.e. will only other SAP BTP apps connect to the instance or other external cloud apps will also be allowed).Choose to set up an optional data lake.

Next Episode Outlook:
Next in the series will talk about creating Calculation Views.

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