Live Session: Grow and Develop your Skills in SAP Customer Experience and CRM Solutions

Dear SAP Community! I’m back writing about some SAP CX Product Learning news!

Did you know that we offer 14 different training courses and more than 20 elearnings? What if I tell you we offer currently about 25 live session where you can interact with an expert trainer? Other learning resource figures include having 11 different CX certifications with different levels of expertise…  We offer about 20 different learning journeys and buckle up to take off with more than 800 microlearning videos.

Wow! I was also surprised and overwhelmed by this huge census of learning assests. What made me realizing that I was not the only one not able to see the forest because of the trees. After thinking a bit, this situation lead me prepare a Learning Hub Live session to address this topic.

In that session, named as Grow and Develop your Skills in SAP Customer Experience and CRM Solutions, I’m going over all and each of the CX solutions explaining the resources available, what topics they cover, and the relationship between them. I take advantage of also presenting the different ways to get access to them and clarify different general concepts about SAP trainings, certifications, learning journeys and other topics that are not usually well-known. So by the end of the session you’ll have an increased knowledge of what can you learn from us, where to start learning, how to access to the different resources, and when can you start thinking about getting certified for an specific topic… so, why don’t you attend to this live session? 😉


Let’s explore together SAP CX Product Learning options!

This session is held on a monthly basis during 2023, and as I’ve said, the live session is available on SAP Learning Hub. You will need to have a subscription in order to register for this live session there. There are two ways to access to the registration page for this live session (as well as the schedule of the next occurrences), some people find this tricky ;):

  1. You can go to SAP Learning Hub, and search for “SAP Customer Experience: Education Resources”, the certification live session should be among the first results with the code: (LS_CX_EDURESOURCE_EN) under “Learning Content”
  2. You can also use the direct link here, but please remember you need to be logged in on SAP Learning Hub first to use the link: Live Session:Grow and Develop your Skills in SAP Customer Experience Solutions 


LH Live Session registration page

For better understanding of this live session’s content, it’s recommended you know already a bit about the different SAP Customer Experience Solutions before attending to this informative live session.

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Awesome, thanks for reading until here! I’ll return very soon with new topics, but until then, please share any comments or suggestions below.

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