SAP Integration Suite Community Challenge – Part 1

This month, SAP Integration Suite is in the spotlight. As part of the SAP Community Spotlight, we would like to foster interaction between the community members.

Hence, we came up with the following challenge. We invite you to share with us how you have used SAP Integration Suite to integrate non-SAP systems. Share your experiences with other community members and learn from your fellow community members.

How can you participate in the first part of the challenge?

It’s simple. Just write a blog post in the SAP Community where you describe your challenge/requirement where you had to integrate to a non-SAP system and how you tackled this with SAP Integration Suite. You may add a high-level architecture diagram, a screenshot of the integration flow, code snippets, the reference to standard integration content if applicable, etc., to your blog.

If you post your blog, please ensure to tag it with both SAP Integration Suite and the user tag #SAPIntegrationSuiteCommunityChallenge2023 to make sure that it’s visible in the SAP Integration Suite topic page and in this month’s community challenge.

If you like, you can add your blog URL to the comments section of this blog post, and others can either comment here or directly in your blog.

Please make sure that you don’t share any confidential information or intellectual property in your blog.

If you are new to blogging, check out this information for bloggers. If you have never blogged before in the SAP Community, note that your first blog goes into a review process before being published, so please keep in mind that this will then take a bit longer.

In part 2 of the SAP Integration Suite Community Challenge, you can try out a tutorial mission where you integrate a non-SAP system using SAP Integration Suite. This will come up mid of June. So, stay tuned.

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