Holiday Shopping by the Numbers: What Are Consumers Thinking?

Holiday Shopping by the Numbers: What Are Consumers Thinking?

No matter where you are in the retail supply chain, the run-up to the holiday shopping season can be a little scary. And not just because Halloween is right around the corner.

There are so many questions. Are we ready to handle the wave of shoppers? Will there even be a wave of shoppers? Can we react quickly if market conditions change?

Sometimes it would be nice to have a crystal ball.

But the challenges procurement and supply chain professionals face are serious. The decisions you make in navigating these challenges will directly affect your business. Of course, timely and accurate decision-making requires insight that is not magic, like a crystal ball. It requires access to data, visibility into supply chains, and collaboration between trading partners.

Fortunately, by digitalizing procurement processes and engaging with trading partners via business networks, it is possible to gain the visibility and business insights required to plan for events like the holiday shopping season and be ready when disruptions occur.