At DAIMANI, Proven Cloud Tech Makes Life Easier

At DAIMANI, Proven Cloud Tech Makes Life Easier

Traveling to a sporting event? A concert? Imagine how much easier your experience would be if you could use one platform to book your event tickets, flights, accommodation, and more. No more shopping around to plan your trip; you find everything in one place and simply look forward to the event.

This is exactly the all-in-one solution offered by, the latest joint venture of Tokyo-based global sport business network Dentsu Sports International and DAIMANI.

Founded in 2018 to make the event experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for its customers, DAIMANI is already a global player in the hospitality event industry. The Zürich-based digital marketplace sells hospitality packages for The Wimbledon Championships, Formula 1, and the entire German Football Bundesliga among other major sporting events, not to mention big music acts like Coldplay, Justin Bieber, and Elton John.

“My hope for all our guests and customers…is to enjoy the Cadence Club [VIP hospitality zone] without having to worry about technology,” DAIMANI and CEO Max Mueller said. “The technology is just in the background.”

That crucial background is based on SAP cloud technology, which enabled to optimize the customer experience for its guests at the World Athletics Championships 2022. DAIMANI held the rights as the exclusive hospitality provider, and its guests enjoyed the all-in-one solution for the first time.